Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Poisoned Dead Pigeons Mar Texas Festival"

OK, this didn't take place in San Antonio. It happened on the border of Texas and Arkansas. But it's so strange, I felt I had to include it anyway.

TEXARKANA, Texas -- The organizers of Texarkana's annual festival never counted on dead pigeons dropping from the sky.

In the midst of one of the Texas town's most anticipated events, authorities had to scoop up birds that were nose-diving onto the pavement and dying on downtown sidewalks.

A bank president said the pigeons fell victim to a pest control effort, eating poisoned corn that was put on the bank's roof after bird droppings fell on a customer.

That's so weird, I'm amused and revulsed at the same time. And, the situation brings to mind Les Nessman's turkeys.

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