Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tax-free undies

Here in Texas, one weekend before school starts is designated as a tax-free holiday. That means that certain items (clothing, mostly) are free of sales tax when purchased, ostensibly to give needy families a break when buying expensive items for their children (you can take a look at a list here). Among the other items of clothing that are tax-free are underwear -- panties, boxers, briefs, and the like.

This weekend is the sales tax holiday, and, just like other years, retail stores are jam packed with people looking to save just a little money on their school supply bills. This year, however, it seems that one store that normally would not get back-to-school-shopping traffic has chosen to capitalize on the tax-free weekend. That store is called Texxxas Nights. They sell underwear, and they're advertising.

From WOAI:

The majority of the things Shelley Welch sells in Texxxas Nights are sexy bras and underwear. There are adult movies and novelty items in the back.

She says as long as she has clothes to sell, the signs should be up.

"If my customers can benefit from the tax free weekend, then I felt I should let them know," Welch says.

Strange, but entrepreneurial as well.


Anonymous said...

This store is located at 6305 Wurzbach Road, San Antonio, TX 78240 21-767-1570

Anonymous said...

Store Hours are:

Tues - Thurs 12pm - 10pm
Fri - Sat 12pm - 12am

Located at the corner of Evers Rd & Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX
Phone - 210-767-1570

Lingerie, Movies, & More

Albatross said...

Thanks for the information, anonymous. I guess a little publicity couldn't hurt, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
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