Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Tortilla tossing missed"

What? No tortillas at the Cornyation this year?
For some Fiesta revelers who love the madcap irreverence of Cornyation, it just isn't the same event without the flying tortillas.

So, what stopped the tradition? A lawsuit, of course.

A tradition since the 1991 Cornyation at Beethoven Hall, tortilla tossing was banned this year because of a lawsuit filed by a woman who was struck in the head by something harder than a tortilla last year at Cornyation.

The settlement cost the organization "less than $1,000" and — get this — 10 tickets for this year's performance.

That is indeed strange.

By the way, the Cornyation is an annual Fiesta event that pokes fun at recent local news stories and politics. It is usually quite ribald.

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